About Us

About Us

Maspa established in 2000 as a private company. Its close cooperation with our consumer in the overhead line and substation construction, the high technical standard and reliability of its product. The experience of many years and resulting technical know- how make is possible for us to offer our customers the safety that is necessary for the construction of over head lines and substations.

In providing this safety we pay regard as well to the various climatic and technical claims as to the respective standards and the high quality of our products ready for installation.

    HV Transmission Lines 63 kV up to 765 kV.
    HV substations 63 kV up to 765 kV.
    special Conductor (up-rating Conductors, GAP type, ACSS)
    OPGW, ADSS and self supporting system.
    Electrical Railways Constructions.

The Transmission lines of HV Electrical energy has always undergone technological development, keeping safety the main Objective. This is why we have aimed at designing accessories of high quality and reliability. In fact, hardware, fitting and damping system are fundamental elements such as towers, insulators and conductors that must always be dealt extreme skill.

The professional approach that we have acquired over the years has led us to gain international electromechanical markets.

This means that we intend to follow into the future, supplying good service and working alongside our clients so that we can aim at a very high result.